As a client of Turing Point Assessments you can download and fill out forms ahead of your appointment.  This allows you time to fully read the forms and give your answers some thought.  It also allows us to start the assessment right away when you come in. 

The Background Questionnaire can be downloaded to your computer and filled out with your word processing software.  When it’s completed, you can save it to your computer and send it to us at

Please sign the Disclosure Statement and Permission to Test forms and bring them to your appointment. If a printer is not available to you, we will print them out at the office and have you sign them the day of your appointment.

The information provided on the Background Questionnaire will be used to write your assessment report.  Please indicate if there is information you want Patty to know but do not want written into the report.

All information is confidential.  Patty may have your assessment report read by a trusted proof reader.  Proof readers sign legal forms requiring them to abide by the laws governing confidential medical records.  If you do not want your report proof read by a third party, please let us know.

Background Questionnaires

Child’s Full Diagnostic Assessment

Background Questionnaire for a Child’s Full Diagnostic Assessment

Child’s IQ Assessment

Background Questionnaire for a Childs IQ TESTING ONLY

Adult’s Full Diagnostic Assessment

background-questionnaire-for-an-adults-full-diagnostc-assessment-2018 (1)

Adult’s IQ Assessment

background-questionnaire-for-an-adults-iq-testing 2018

Disclosure Statement and Permission to Test Forms

Turning-Point-Assessments-Disclosure-Statement_updated-2020 (2)

Permission to test for a child client all team members

“We were so impressed by Patty Marten’s ability to zero in on our son’s abilities and needs” -Anonymous

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