Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicaid.

Full Diagnostic Assessment: $1500- $2000 (see details below)
This is an assessment to determine if a client has a learning disability (dyslexia- a type of reading disability, dysgraphia – a type of writing disability, and/or a math learning disability), ADHD, psycho-social disorder, or any co-occurring conditions. This includes IQ Testing, Academic Testing, background information, and any additional diagnostic measures that are discussed with each client.

Learning Disability (LD) Only- $1500 (If the assessment uncovers attention and executive functioning problems and ADHD testing is indicated, we can expand the assessment to include this for an additional $500)

ADHD Testing Only- $1700 (If the assessment uncovers learning problems and learning disability testing is indicated, we can expand the assessment to include this for an additional $300)

LD+ ADHD COMBINED= $2000 (If the assessment uncovers underlying anxiety or depression, there is no additional cost to explore these issues)

IQ Testing: $600
IQ testing is for admission to programs and schools for the gifted or if a client is seeking information about cognitive development. IQ testing does not include measures of reading, writing, or math skills.

Academic Testing: $400
Academic achievement testing is done if a client is seeking information about reading, writing, and math skills. Grade level scores, percentiles and standard scores are provided.

Insurance: IQ and academic testing is not covered by insurance. Full diagnostic assessments may be covered by your insurance policy (although Kaiser does not cover our services). We do not have the resources to bill insurance directly. However, you are encouraged to call your provider and inquire about your mental health coverage to see if you can be reimbursed for part of your payment. Our services fall under CPT (billing codes) of 96130, 96131, 96138, 96139, 96112, and 96113. We are considered ‘out of network’ providers so your policy will need to include ‘out of network’ coverage. We can provide you with a special invoice to give to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Rates include:

    • The assessment appointment. Assessments are completed in one appointment unless exceptions are needed.
    • The follow-up meeting or phone consultation to discuss results and findings, answer questions, and provide guidance. The follow-up appointment is scheduled as soon as possible after the testing appointment, usually within a week.
  • A report of findings. Reports from Turning Point include the information required by best practices in psychoeducational assessment, plus numerous resources and recommendations personalized to each client’s needs. Reports can range in length from 5 to 7 pages for IQ testing to 12 pages or longer for a full diagnostic assessment.

Reports are submitted after the follow-up appointment in case information discussed at the follow-up needs to be integrated into your write-up. The time it takes for reports to be written varies. Assessment providers discuss this with clients at the time of the follow-up.

Payment is due in full on the day of your appointment.

Payments are accepted with the following peer-to-peer (P2P) services:

Zelle – send to iqtestingdenver@gmail.com  

Venmo – send to @Patricia-Martens-2

PayPal friends and family – send to iqtestingdenver@gmail.com

If you need to use a credit card or HSA card, you must use the PayPal link below.

If you are unable to use these services, please provide a check or cash at the time of your appointment. 

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“Patty Martens showed so much patience and understanding in working with the age needs of our child. He needed to move, she let him. He would go off on a tangent and she would gently refocus him.” -Anonymous

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