Child Assessment

Gifted and Talented Testing

There are many excellent public and private schools for gifted and talented children in the front range area of Colorado.  Admission to these schools may require IQ testing. The assessment providers at Turning Point Assessments understand the educational and emotional needs of each client and are able to observe the unique behaviors and test taking styles of gifted children.

Because of the many school choices available, parents are faced with overwhelming decisions about where to enroll their gifted children.  The choice involves economic considerations as well as personal values about education and making sure their children’s needs are met.  Turning Point Assessments provides more than just test scores.  We provide parents the guidance and personalized advice on what to look for in the right school for their children.

Disability Determination

Often times parents suspect that their child has a learning disability, AD/HD, or psycho-social problems and they don’t know where to turn for a professional assessment.   The school may be suggesting their child has a disability, and they would like an outside opinion.  When a diagnosis is made, Turning Point gives recommendations for home and school along with a full explanation of the diagnosis.  When a diagnosis is not appropriate, clients are given helpful information for meeting their child’s needs.

General IQ and Achievement Testing

Parents have so many choices available to them when deciding where to send their child to school.  Private schools, charter schools and choice schools often follow specific methods and philosophies.  If you want to make an informed choice about what kind of education would be best for your child it helps to know his or her learning style and aptitude.

You may also be frustrated that your child’s teachers are sending home negative notes day after day and you don’t know how to advocate for your child’s needs.  Knowing your child’s academic levels and learning styles and having specific recommendations will help you communicate with your child’s teachers about his or her needs.  Additionally, parents need information about their children’s intellectual development in order to make sure they have the right expectations

Adult Assessment

IQ and Achievement Testing

You may be wondering about your IQ and academic levels for many reasons.  Perhaps you are choosing a career path, deciding to go to college or wanting a change of employment.  Knowing your aptitude strengths and learning styles can help you make an informed choice on how to move forward with your goals.

Documentation of Disabilities for College Students

If you are a college student with a disability you may need accommodations in order to succeed in school.  The assessments and reports provided by Turning Point include the current documentation you need according to your college or university guidelines.  We follow the guidelines of the Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD) and the State of Colorado.  You will have everything you need to provide to your college office of disability services at an affordable cost.

If you will be taking an admissions test and you need to update your disability diagnosis in order to receive test accommodations, we provide the assessment information needed for accommodations on the G-MAT, SAT or ACT including the results of the Nelson Denny timed reading comprehension test.  We will also complete the required evaluator forms needed for accommodations on the test.

Disability Determination 

There are many accounts of adults who have gone through school or dropped out of school never knowing that they had a learning disability or ADHD.  If you suspect that you might have a disability, we can provide the information you need to put your mind at ease.  Our reports include helpful recommendations that you can start using right away to help you cope with the demands of life.


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