“Patty, thank you so much for the conference today. I feel validated in our observations and frustrations over the years and feel like we have a way forward! I really value your research-based expertise and many years of working with students and families.” -Anonymous

“Hi Patty,

I just wanted to let you know that we have formulated a 504 for (our child) with all of the wonderful, thoughtful accommodations you provided! She has also been identified as a gifted student by the school district and is so excited to start a project on genetics as part of her Advanced Learning Plan! Thank you for all of your detail, attention, and thoughtfulness while working with (our child). She was so disappointed when she learned she would not be coming back to play with you on a regular basis ;). We are so thankful we were referred to you. You made this a wonderful, easy process and provided us the tools to advocate for (our child). Anyway, we wanted to express our gratitude and give you a brief update. Thanks again!” -Anonymous

“After all the hard work we put in— (my son) did receive the appeal for his 4 classes.  I was so elated when (my son) told me the news about the approved petition for the retroactive withdrawal.  We put in so many crazy hours and emotional energy–I am overjoyed!  I really was so overwhelmed with the whole appeal process.   If anyone deserves thanks, it is you. I really appreciate your support in helping us through the process. You have been extremely helpful.  We would have never been able to be successful with the approval if it were not for you.  Thank you, Patty, I appreciate your efforts!” –Julie M.

“As a retired special educator who has worked both in CO and Northern VA (FCPS)….I can tell you the quality of the work I have seen them do is exceptional. Clearly Patty has a wealth of skills and experience and we all should thank this team for what they are- clearly targeted and effective tools for educators.” -James B.

“Patty is awesome and has been so amazingly helpful to our family, doing tests on both of our kiddos.” -Jenny S.

“In order to receive must-have accommodations on the entrance exam to law school: the LSAT corporation, required a battery of tests. Exasperated by the whole process, I went to Turning Point Testing for help. After mailing in the strong and eloquent narrative, explaining the results, the LSAT Corporation, without one, single, additional peep, granted every accommodation I requested and more. Turning Point Testing was there during a significant and stressful time; and, just as important, I had my needs met.” –Forever thankful, Ian Watlington

“Patty is very professional, knowledgeable, caring and kind. She provided a very thorough and thoughtful written report.” -Kathy T.

“I felt lost about how to help my son until we met with Patty. I knew he was smart but he struggles with his schoolwork and making friends. She helped us understand his assessments and showed us his potential. I am so grateful for her wisdom and counsel.” -Anonymous

“Patty was amazing with my reluctant child! He was unsure about meeting with her but he quickly warmed up to her. She was engaging with him and I believe she was able to see him and he truly is. Her evaluation was thorough and gave us peace of mind and a better understanding of both his gifts and his struggles. Thank you, Patty!” –V Henk

“Our son got APPROVED for time and a half on the ACT. We never could have done this without you and are truly grateful for you expertise, willingness to help, and your genuine concern for our son. Thank you again for your guidance on this arduous journey. You have made a huge difference in our son’s life.” -Anonymous

“We have used Patty at Turning Point two times now and we will be back for our third child to be tested in a few years. Patty has a great way with kids and helps to make them feel at ease while managing to get them on task. Both of my boys didn’t want to leave. Easy to schedule and easy to obtain a full report.” – Michelle M.

“Patty Meek recently assessed our child and it was a great experience- incredibly helpful. Previously, we had another psychologist do an assessment on our other child, and the assessment was traumatizing, took several long days, did not generate helpful information, and cost far more than Turning Point charged. The difference between the experiences of our two children are hard to overstate. Patty Meek was very respectful of our time, kept our child engaged, generated tangible results, and presented her findings in a clear and concise report. We, our teachers, and our school can use this information to help our child for many years to come. I just can’t believe how helpful this assessment was. Thank you!!” -Anonymous

“Exceptional experience. Patty is very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel as if she really wants to help me. We even made great progress in the session. I also feel that she has my best interest in mind and she takes time to have patience, something in which most do not have. Thank you for the help and various information presented in the assessment. I know that I have resources now, this is something that I did not have before I went to Turning Point Assessments. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Patty to anyone looking for help or treatment. Thanks Patty.” -Taylor T.

“Things are going well and our son is doing awesome. Patty’s recommendations and report were critical to us being able to deal effectively with the school and understand what was really going on with him. The tools we are utilizing (Chromebook, voice recognition, and Grammarly) are making a big difference and really helping in my opinion.” -Anonymous

“Patty was so friendly with our child and really took this time to diffuse his angst about the evaluation process! From our first interaction, it was evident that Patty has a genuine kind and caring nature. She not only took the time to take the Legos out, but showed genuine interest in interacting with him and building with Legos! she then asked him about his favorite music and again, took the time to actually play a few of those songs he liked! This made a world of difference. I felt comfortable. When I shared this assessment with a parent advocate who will represent us during our IEP, this person also commented on the report Patty provided. The advocate said she was really impressed with the report. Patty was thorough and took a great deal of time to provide us with feedback as well as answer all of our questions. We gained insight into his needs because now we understand the underlying causes of some of his behaviors and how we can better support him” -Anonymous

“Great experience, Patty is great working with kids and her expertise with schools really helped us to understand our son better on how he learns and processes information so we can make a better decision about his evaluation.” -Sophia C.

“I highly recommend Turning Point! From the initial intake, to interaction, and evaluation of our son, to our final report, Patty was insightful, kind, and thorough. She took the time to compassionately listen to us during the intake, was gentle with our son and made time to connect with him prior to the evaluation and had a wealth of knowledge to share with us after the evaluation. While I thought the report was thorough, our parent advocate was also impressed with the depth of insight Patty’s report provided. It’s a hard decision to decide which agency/university to go to for evaluation. I’m grateful we chose Turning Point Assessments.” -Viola R. 

“Hello Patty, you will be happy to know that my child’s school was immediately responsive to the testing report you put together! They were very impressed with your report and wish they could have a report like that for every kid in school! We met with them today and they are placing my child on an ALP and keeping his IEP, and he will be in the Gifted program at school. His classroom teacher and special ed teacher are more than willing to make some accommodations that you recommended to help him. After spring break, we will be meeting with the District’s Twice Exceptional Specialist and the Gifted Specialist for next steps and suggestions. I was not even aware there is a district specialist for twice exceptional students!” -Anonymous

“Patty Martens showed so much patience and understanding in working with the age needs of our child. He needed to move, she let him. He would go off on a tangent and she would gently refocus him. Very happy with Turning Point Assessments.” -Anonymous

“Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful, informative, and helpful report. We are so thrilled to have had Leo tested with you as we now understand his learning style better. I hope we have an opportunity to work with you again in the future.” -T.B.

“Patty Martens in simply amazing. She worked with our teenage daughter, completing comprehensive psychoeducational testing. Our goal was for us to all understand our daughter’s learning style, strengths, and challenges so she could engage in her best academic journey. Our daughter was reluctant at first, but Patty makes the process so engaging and comfortable. We felt that Patty unlocked key information that will not only help our daughter succeed in school, but in life. Thank you!” – Anonymous