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Evidenced-Based Intervention Techniques for Dyslexia, Learning Disorders, and ADHD

Students with learning and attention disorders face significant challenges in the classroom. That is why it’s important to seek tutors, programs, schools, and teachers who are using evidence-based intervention techniques and best practices. It’s important to note that terms like scientifically-based and research-based are distinctly different from evidence-based practices in […]

Brain Training Programs for ADHD, Dyslexia and other Learning Disorders: Issues & Controversies

Parents are eager to help their ADHD or LD child, and in response, there is a wave of new companies offering hope by touting extraordinary claims. At Turning Point, we have decided to dig a little deeper to determine if their claims are backed by nonbiased, reputable science. Buzz words […]

ADHD & LD APPS for learning, development, and recreation

ADHD These days, everyone seems to have some kind of device not far away, making smartphone and tablet apps ideal tools for ADHD symptom management. If you or your child is having trouble getting through assigned work or can’t seem to focus at work or around the house, find help […]

Summer Camps for ADHD/LD Kids

Does your child lack confidence or perhaps they are too shy? Maybe you have a son or daughter that is unable to read subtle social cues. As a parent, you may have to encourage your ADHD, LD child to participate in clubs, sports and various extracurricular activities; anything to encourage […]