Summer Camps for ADHD/LD Kids

Does your child lack confidence or perhaps they are too shy? Maybe you have a son or daughter that is unable to read subtle social cues. As a parent, you may have to encourage your ADHD, LD child to participate in clubs, sports and various extracurricular activities; anything to encourage your child’s self-esteem and socialization.

Have you considered summer camp?

Not only are summer camps fun, but there are numerous camps that tutor and teach kids in social skills through fun activities like horseback riding, water sports, backpacking, arts & crafts, and hiking.

ADHD/LD Camps are typically staffed with trained counselors who take an active role in each child’s camp experience, helping them get the most out of it and making sure every child, even the shyest, gets better at joining activities. The skills children learn at camp help them to not only make friends, but keep friends.

We’ve researched some of the top camps in or near Colorado and here’s what we found:

The Learning Camp in Vail, CO.

For 12 years The Learning Camp has been building confidence and academic success in kids with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and other learning challenges. They are the original Rocky Mountain camp combining tutoring with traditional camp adventures. Located in Vail, CO, The Learning Camp offers many activities from horseback riding, hiking and canoeing to wood working, fabric design and academics including; math, English and reading.

The camp is co-ed and accommodates children between 7 and 14 years of age. They also offer financial assistance. The Learning Foundation provides qualifying children with scholarships to attend two week or three week sessions at The Learning Camp.

For more information on this camp visit their website at:

Camp Big Tree in Buena Vista, CO

 For teens with sensory integration disorders, learning and/or attention deficits ages 12-16. Through outdoor activities and established experiential education models, participants will have the opportunity to develop social skills, teamwork traits and leadership qualities that will transfer into everyday life. This is a mobile course based out of Buena Vista, CO.  Students will be involved in cooking, cleaning and gear preparation during the course. However, the emphasis will be on having fun in a structured setting. Activities will include rock climbing, river rafting and camping.

For more information on this camp visit their website at:

SOAR Camp in Dubois, WY

SOAR is an accredited ADHD Summer Camp, Boarding School, and GAP Year Program. They serve youth and young adults with ADHD and other Learning Disabilities in North Carolina, Wyoming, California, Florida, and internationally! Their adventure based programs provide academic instruction, experiential education, and life skills development for youth and young adults ages 8-25. Created in 1977 by an adult with learning disabilities, SOAR provides fun and successful experiences so that participants may gain greater awareness of their own strengths and improve self-esteem and confidence.

For more information on this camp visit their website at:

If your child attends one of these or any other type of summer camp, please let us know what the experience was like in the comments section of our blog.

Happy Camping,

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